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Things to do & see in Split, Croatia

  Split is my favourite place in Dalmatia. If I could, I’d go back to Split all the time for city breaks and summer holidays, but a small part of me wants to see the rest of the world, too. When I was a teenager, I would come to visit over summer to visit my …


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Napoleon in Croatia & the Fall of the Dubrovnik Republic

    In 1794, a group of revolutionaries caused an incident in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. They erected and decorated a “Liberty Tree”, where a revolutionary poem was written. It was an appeal to Croatian people to support the ideas of the French revolution. “Why should the Croatians wage a war against the French”, …


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Why Croatians Love Britain?

 Croatia has recently become a hit in the United Kingdom and is possibly the most popular European summer destination. British tourists have overflown Dubrovnik walls, Hvar Old Town and Zrće Beach. It is more common than ever to hear the British accent on the streets of Zagreb, Split, Zadar and Pula. But what do Croatians …


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Forget Hvar, Here’s Where You Should Go Instead

 A hard-working mother lives on a dreamy Greek island with her daughter whose wedding day is approaching. To identify her real father, the daughter invites three of her mother’s ex-boyfriends to the wedding without her mother’s knowledge. Meryl Streep plays the mother and Pierce Brosnan plays (one of the) fathers. All hell breaks loose. Mamma …


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Croatia’s Most Interesting Attractions (Other than Dubrovnik)

  At Tour Croatia, we organise a lot of holidays to Dubrovnik.   And while this beautiful UNESCO-protected Medieval city and its walls are worth a visit, there are so many other places in Croatia that a well-travelled person should not miss.   With that in mind, we’ve had a closer look into other tourist …


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The Unconventional Guide to Croatia Holidays

 If you’ve been to Croatia or know somebody who’s been, then you’re familiar with the usual holiday itinerary most visitors go for: Dubrovnik – Hvar – Split or Dubrovnik only. Yes, the UNESCO-protected walls of this Medieval Old Town are fascinating, but staying there is rather pricey. Moreover, if you’ve done this itinerary yourself, you …


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