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27 Things to Do in Montenegro

The Balkan country of Montenegro lies tucked between Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Albania.

The country may be small, yet it has a diverse range of spectacular activities and scenery on offer.

A magnificent combination of scenic beaches, charming villages, mountain peaks, azure lakes, and ancient architecture make for a fabulous European summer holiday.

Here are our top 27 things to do in Montenegro.

Things to do in Podgorica

Podgorica is Montenegro’s capital city boasting an age-old Clock Tower in the old town, authentic street-side cafes, and an intriguing mix of modern buildings, artful statues, and antique architecture.

These are the best things to see and do in Podgorica:

1. Ribnica Bridge

The ancient stone Ribnica bridge is a charming bridge across the Ribnica River.

This is one of the most historic sites in Podgorica surrounded by ruins from the 5th century.

Walk around the gardens and have a cup of coffee at the bookshop under the bridge.

2. Centre of Contemporary Art

Housed in the age-old winter palace of King Nikola Petrovic, the Centre of Contemporary Art hosts permanent international exhibitions from various continents as well as exhibitions from local artists.

3. Podgorica Museum

The city’s museum features intriguing archaeological, ethnographic, historical and cultural-historical displays.

4. Wine Tasting

Podgorica is home to the largest unbroken vineyard in Europe, owned by Plantaze Winery.

The Plantaze’s Sipcanik wine cellar offers wine tastings including a ride through the vineyard on a tourist train, a guided tour of Sipcanik wine cellar and a delightful tasting.

5. Cijevna Waterfalls

A short drive out of Podgorica brings you to the Cijevna River.

The cascading waterfalls are a beautiful site and great for swimming.

6. ATV Tour Adventure

For an extraordinary way to explore Montenegro’s scenery hop on an exciting ATV tour.

You can explore the countryside, delve into the top wineries or venture to Skadar Lake National Park.

7. Horse Riding

Explore off-the-beaten-track paths on horseback just fifteen minutes outside Podgorica.

Mountain Riders Ranch in the Komani Highlands offers horse treks for all levels of riders through remote villages, orchards and a chance to picnic alongside the rivers.

8. Cathedral of The Resurrection of Christ

Although a fairly new construction, the magnificent Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is surrounded by tombstones that date back to the 9th century.

The Serb Orthodox cathedral in downtown Podgorica boasts ornate carved stone details on the exterior and murals of saints on a background of gold on the interior.

9. Adventure Park Gorica

The Gorica Forest Park is a fun tree-top ropes course and a fantastic adventure for the whole family to enjoy.

Things to do in Kotor

Legends have it that the bay side town of Kotor was built with the help of a fairy.

Its well-preserved medieval architecture, sweeping landscapes, crystal waters, and emerald green mountains echo a magical charm.

Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage town boasting large stone walls, castle ruins, cobblestone alleyways, and terracotta-roofed buildings with ornate Gothic windows.

Although seeing the town itself is an enchanting experience, here is what you can get up to in Kotor.

10. Sveti Tripun Cathedral

Built in 1166, this iconic building is a marvel with its two bell-towers and backdrop of San Giovanni Fortress on the mountain backdrop.

11. Sveti Nikola Church

With its domed twin towers and the Serbian flag hanging in the centre, Sveti Nikola Serbian Orthodox church houses icons from the 15th to 19th centuries.

12. Kotor Walking Tour

A walking tour of the medieval town of Kotor allows you to see Kotor’s main attractions, palaces, and historical sites, soak in the charm of cobblestone streets and street-side cafes and appreciate breath-taking views.

13. Hike the San Giovanni Fortress Walls

Magnificent stone walls wind their way up the mountain behind the town.

A gruelling hike to the San Giovanni Castle at the top delivers picturesque views of Kotor bay making it a worthwhile expedition.

14. Climb the Ladder of Kotor

The Ladder of Kotor is a longer, but easier hike up Mount Sveti Ivan (San Giovanni).

The winding path will lead you to the top where you will be rewarded with incredible views of Kotor Bay and Mount Vrmac.

15. Kampana Tower

The 13th century Kampana Tower is the most prominent Medieval-era bastion of the fortification of Kotor offering beautiful views along the Škurda River, town, and the fortress meandering up the mountain behind.

16. Maritime Museum

The Kotor Maritime Museum is housed in the former Grgurina Palace.

Three floors of fascinating displays showcase the area’s maritime history including clothing, weapons, and furniture.

17. Boat Tours

Boat tours will take you to see the incredible Our Lady of the Rocks – a 15th-century island church floating off Perast’s coast, as well as the breath-taking Blue Cave.

Enjoy swimming at Dobreč Beach and stop for lunch along the way.

18. Farmers Market

Visit Kotor’s daily farmers market and discover local specialties and home-grown delicacies.

19. Beaches

Along the Bay of Kotor, away from the port and marina, are several charming beaches, perfect for lounging on summer days and strolling along promenades beside clear blue waters.

20. Dolphin Watching

Take a dolphin-watching cruise and sail alongside these magnificent creatures.

Things to do in Budva

With great beaches and excellent nightlife, Budva is one of Montenegro’s favourite holiday resorts.

Besides lazy beach days and partying all night, here is what’s on offer for guests:

21. Stari Grad – Walking Tour of The Old Town

A picturesque site of terracotta-roofs overlooking clear Adriatic waters and sun-kissed beaches, this is one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic coast.

Explore its intriguing history by visiting the citadel, walking the town walls, visiting the town museum, and Gallery of Modern Art.

22. Canyoning

Drenovsnica Canyon, just outside Budva centre, offers thrilling adventurous canyon tours, finishing off with a zipline to a local restaurant for lunch.

This is a great adventure with rappels down waterfalls, jumping into rock pools and riveting rock slides.

23. Diving Tours

Certified divers can discover underwater caves and shipwrecks along the coast on guided diving tours.

24. Stand Up Paddling

These tours are available from various locations on the beautiful clear waters surrounding Montenegro’s coast.

Adventure activities in Montenegro

25. Lake Skadar

Head to the popular Lake Skadar National Park where you can enjoy a myriad of adventure activities such as hiking, biking, water sports, and bird watching amidst magnificent scenery.

26. Durmitor National Park

A perfect destination for nature lovers is the mountainous Durmitor National Park.

This spectacular destination boasts hiking, canoeing, and mountaineering in a scenic, glacier-formed setting with lakes, gorges, and forests.

27. Biogradska Gora

The national park of Biogradska Gora and the Tara River Canyon offers water sports, kayaking, and hiking along breath-taking river waters running between lush vegetation and mountain peaks.

Boasting 240 sunny days per year and almost 100 km of coastline, we’d say Montenegro is close to perfect with its exquisite natural beauty and centuries of history.

Vibrant nightlife, spectacular cuisine and a world of adventure awaits on your Montenegro summer holiday tour.

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