101 Beautiful Pictures of Croatia & The Balkans

Visiting Rastoke and the Plitvice Lakes

Is Croatia Expensive To Visit?

Where To Go In Croatia

What is Špancirfest?

29 Things to do in Hvar, Croatia

  TL;DR   Start with the Old Feast on the Cuisine St. Stephens Cathedral Franciscan Monastery Venetian Loggia and Clock Tower Go Natural Catamaran Excursion Hvar Fortress Hvar Harbor Visit the Theatre Church of the Holy Spirit Lavender Fields Get your Tan On Skydiving Water sports Take a Kayaking Tour Take a Cycling Tour Beach ...


47 Things to do in Belgrade

47 Things to Do in Zagreb

  The Croatian coastline including Split, the island of Hvar, and Dubrovnik to the south may dominate the normal traveller’s itinerary. It is time to put Zagreb on the map. Here are our 47 best things to do in Croatia’s premier city.   Number 1: Sample the Food     The first port of call ...


30 Things to do in Ljubljana

30 things to do in Sarajevo

The Strange History Behind the Balkan Slavs [Video]

Top Vacation Destinations From Each Country In Europe [Infographic]

Croatia Will Take Your Breath Away (And Here’s Why)

Croatia is a destination that has burst onto the tourist scene. Attracting more visitors than ever before, tourists from all over the globe are falling for its golden beaches, historic cities, and spectacular national parks.   If you’re interested in visiting Croatia, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to putting an itinerary together. ...


Shakespeare from Dubrovnik: The Story of Marin Držić Vidra

  “He who puts his best foot forward is a king among men.”   (Uncle Maroye)   If you’ve been to Dubrovnik or just planning your trip there, and you happen to be a booklover and a bookworm, this is going to be a great read for you. Sit in your cosy chair, take your ...


TIMELESS STORY – Croatian Cultural Heritage – timelapse

  Camera & edit: Mario Romulić & Dražen Stojčić Creative concept & story: Vjekoslav Bošković Music: Slaven Batorek Sound mixing: Goran Đurković


Do You Need a Visa To Visit Croatia?

Travellers from the United Kingdom and other European countries can travel freely to Croatia provided they hold a valid passport. Visitors from EU countries can use their identity cards instead of passports.     Travellers from the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand do not require visa to travel to Croatia.     If ...


7 AMAZING Facts About the Krka National Park

The Krka National Park is one of the most popular tourist sites in Croatia.   A natural wonder that features awe-inspiring waterfalls and a huge range of natural flora and fauna, Krka is a stunning jewel in Croatia’s crown.   If you want to find out more about this incredible part of the planet, read ...


The Croatia Tourism Board Wins Best Promotional Video at the Travel Video Awards! [Video]

  Croatian Tourist Board is this year’s winner of the best promotional video in tourism! Featuring Croatia’s celebrities including Luka Modrić and Mario Mandžukić, world-famous football players, this video has received an influential TVA award of Citizine Networks and National Association of Broadcasters.   If you need more reasons to visit this magnificent country, take ...


Adriatic in Croatia – the most beautiful sea coast in the world [Video]

9 Interesting Facts About The Dubrovnik City Walls

Traditional Croatian Hairstyles

  Preserving the culture and traditions of a nation is seen as incredibly important. After all, it is only possible to know where you are going if you know where you have been, and traditions and culture help to keep one eye on the days gone by. Traditions influence a variety of different areas of ...


Rick Steves’ Europe – The Best Of Slovenia [Video]

Northern Istria: Who Lives in ‘Croatian Tuscany’?

  In the recent years I happened to meet many Western Europeans, especially people from Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy and the Scandinavian countries. They’ve ‘discovered’ Istria and were surprised to learn that the house prices were 2 to 3 times lower than in Italian Tuscany or in French Provence.  So here are some examples. ...


Rick Steves’ Europe – Dubrovnik And Balkan Side-trips [Video]

Guide to Istria: Of Roman Ruins, Magical Towns And Famous Films

  The Croatian National Tourist Board dubbed it the terra magica a few years ago – the magic land in translation.   Trust me, it is magical indeed! Born and raised in Istria, I have travelled the region extensively and am looking forward to sharing my experiences and stories with you.   So let’s start at ...


Rick Steves’ Europe – Croatia: Adriatic Delights [Video]

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Croatia [Video]

Guide to Croatia Island Hopping Holidays

  Like all coastal destinations, Croatia is best seen and experienced from the sea. Whether you decide to embark on one of the cruise holidays or a tailor-made island hopping tour, get ready to spend most of your travel time on board the cruise ships, ferries and catamarans.   One of the advantages of the ...


What to Drink in Croatia

  New Year’s Eve is only days away now, and it’s time to get ready for the most extraordinary party of the year! Make sure you have enough champagne to celebrate the commencement of 2018 at midnight, but don’t forget the “usual suspects” such as wine, gin and beer to go with the festive dinner ...


Croatia’s Most Popular Destinations

  Croatia is becoming one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe.   Not only does this small country offer beautiful beaches, extraordinary national parks and exciting nightlife, it also boasts ten UNESCO-protected sights. The most visited is the magnificent Dubrovnik Old Town, but the Ancient Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the Roman Arena ...


Bosnia And Herzegovina Travel: What You Need To Know

    Croatia shares a long borderline with the picturesque country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, often simply called BiH by its inhabitants and neighbours.   Although still fairly undiscovered by foreign travellers, this beautiful country is definitely worth a visit.   We’ve done some research and visited the country ourselves to give you tips about ...


Diocletian’s Palace: An Ancient Masterpiece in the Heart of Split

  The modern-day city of Split is centred around the beautiful Ancient Roman palace, protected by UNESCO since 1979. When in Split, the first place most tourists visit is the palace, always lively and with something going on. Within its walls, you’ll come across many fine restaurants, bars and cafés, little shops and boutiques. But ...


10 of Croatia’s Most Beautiful Destinations (in Pictures)

11 Amazing Croatia Nature Pictures

Things to do & see in Split, Croatia

  Split is my favourite place in Dalmatia. If I could, I’d go back to Split all the time for city breaks and summer holidays, but a small part of me wants to see the rest of the world, too. When I was a teenager, I would come to visit over summer to visit my ...


Napoleon in Croatia & the Fall of the Dubrovnik Republic

    In 1794, a group of revolutionaries caused an incident in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. They erected and decorated a “Liberty Tree”, where a revolutionary poem was written. It was an appeal to Croatian people to support the ideas of the French revolution. “Why should the Croatians wage a war against the French”, ...


Why Croatians Love Britain?

 Croatia has recently become a hit in the United Kingdom and is possibly the most popular European summer destination. British tourists have overflown Dubrovnik walls, Hvar Old Town and Zrće Beach. It is more common than ever to hear the British accent on the streets of Zagreb, Split, Zadar and Pula. But what do Croatians ...


Forget Hvar, Here’s Where You Should Go Instead

 A hard-working mother lives on a dreamy Greek island with her daughter whose wedding day is approaching. To identify her real father, the daughter invites three of her mother’s ex-boyfriends to the wedding without her mother’s knowledge. Meryl Streep plays the mother and Pierce Brosnan plays (one of the) fathers. All hell breaks loose. Mamma ...


Croatia’s Most Interesting Attractions (Other than Dubrovnik)

  At Tour Croatia, we organise a lot of holidays to Dubrovnik.   And while this beautiful UNESCO-protected Medieval city and its walls are worth a visit, there are so many other places in Croatia that a well-travelled person should not miss.   With that in mind, we’ve had a closer look into other tourist ...


The Unconventional Guide to Croatia Holidays

 If you’ve been to Croatia or know somebody who’s been, then you’re familiar with the usual holiday itinerary most visitors go for: Dubrovnik – Hvar – Split or Dubrovnik only. Yes, the UNESCO-protected walls of this Medieval Old Town are fascinating, but staying there is rather pricey. Moreover, if you’ve done this itinerary yourself, you ...

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