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Was Marco Polo Born In Croatia?

Marco Polo, a famous Medieval traveller, merchant and writer, was one of the first Europeans to visit China and travel the Silk Road. He did not only travel to China, but he was an honourable guest in mighty Kublai Khan’s court, and had a rare opportunity to experience life in the vast Mongol Empire. Although...
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Our Favourite Coffee Places In Zagreb

The Croatian coffee culture is probably one of the first things every tourist notices when coming to this small country. It seems like no one ever works, as the cafes are always full of people. A few years ago it was quite hard to get a coffee-to-go in Croatia, as we don’t usually walk while...
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Best Fairs And Festivals In Croatia

Croatia has a unique and varied culture which it loves to celebrate! Fairs and festivals in Croatia are very popular all year round. If you’re thinking of going for a relaxing city break soon, here are some events taking place in Croatia this autumn and winter that might interest you: Truffle Festival in Istria This...
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Things To Do & See In Sarajevo

Bosnia was once the most western region within the vast Ottoman Empire, Sarajevo being one of its centres. In fact, Ottomans were the ones who invested in this region and built Sarajevo and Mostar. Later on, Austria–Hungary came into possession of Bosnia and Herzegovina, leaving its architectural and cultural mark on this historic city. Thus,...
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How To Act Like A Local In Croatia

I remember when I first traveled to London. As a native Croatian, I couldn’t help but find some things quite different in the way people act and spend their days here. I now live in London and every day I come to discover more differences between the culture I come from and the one I...
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5 Tasty Influences On Croatian Food

Croatian food is a result of its unique historical development. Traces of regional culinary influences can be seen (and tasted) in the modern Croatian kitchen, and they vary from region to region – for example, you’ll find significantly different food on the Croatian islands than in Slavonia. When in Dalmatia, don’t forget that fish always...
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