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The Golden Age Of Dubrovnik

“NON BENE PRO TOTO LIBERTAS VENDITUR AURO” – Freedom is not sold for all gold in the world This Latin inscription can be found above the entrance into the Lovrijenac Fort in Dubrovnik. Freedom was and still is, the leitmotif of the city of Dubrovnik and its inhabitants. This is, without a doubt, the most...
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5 Places You Need To Visit In Eastern Croatia

Let’s explore Croatia from a different angle and go to the East of the country. It is a bit unusual as most of the visitors go straight to the coast, but it’s worth looking at what’s on offer in Eastern Croatia. The Eastern region of Slavonia, bordering Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, is often...
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Why The Balkan Peninsula Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Although the Republic of Croatia is a Balkan country as well, this post is about the rest of the Balkans. So let’s leave Croatia for a while and see what else is on offer in this interesting region. Eastern European countries have something in common, something recognizable, that makes people label them as Eastern European...
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Trakošćan Castle – The Ultimate Legacy Of The Drašković Family

Croatia is full of things to do and see including many ancient and fascinating castles. Among all Croatian castles, Trakošćan is definitely the most impressive and most visited. Located in northern Croatia, not far away from Zagreb, this wonderful fairytale-like castle is a perfect destination for a one day trip. The castle museum is very...
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The Top 7 Things To Do In Croatia

Croatia is a country of great diversity and a wide selection of tourist attractions. But what to see if your time here is limited? Here is our selection of top 7 things to do in Croatia: 1. Embark on the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Tour Dubrovnik is the most popular destination in Croatia, thanks to...
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What Is Liberland?

Unlike our ancestors, explorers, pioneers and brutal colonizers, we’ve never had a chance to try. Perhaps we could do it differently than they did, given our technological advancement, broader views on race and gender and, one hopes, a more peaceful disposition. Goran Vojković from the Croatian tabloid described Liberland as a “circus which threatens...
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16 Pictures Of The Balkans That Will Take Your Breath Away

1. Mostar Old Town 2. Peristyle in Split 3. Trakoscan-Castle, Zagreb 4. Lovrijenac fort, Dubrovnik 5. Krka National Park 6. St Marks Cathedral, Zagreb 7. Ljubljana, Slovenia 8. Istria, Croatia 9. Pula Arean 10. Split, Croatia 11. Island of Murter , Croatia 12. Plitvice National Park, Croatia 13. Split, Croatia 14. Plitvice National Park, Croatia...
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