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Do you tip in Croatia?

If you’re about to head out to Croatia for the first time you might not know much about the tipping etiquette of this wonderful country.

The good news is that tipping is not widely expected, however it is a nice gesture and always appreciated.

Because tips are not expected it doesn’t matter how much you leave as it will be appreciated regardless.

With that being said, it’s useful to know hat is considered a normal tip if you are indeed going to leave one.

Here is what you can expect to give as a tip in typical scenarios you are likely to encounter during your stay.

Tipping in Cafés and Bars

It is not usual to tip in cafés or bars, but anything is appreciated.

For instance, if you were to go out for a coffee which comes to 8 kunas then it’s a nice gesture to round it up to 10 and tell the server to keep the change.

In a bar setting it is unlikely that you would tip at all, as the locals certainly won’t.

However, if you are in an establishment with table service, or you are a particularly large group that’s received attentive service, it might be a good idea to approach the bill with the same mind-set and round it up to the nearest multiple of 10.

Tipping in Restaurants

Tipping in Croatian restaurants is fairly standard practice, even though it is not enforced in any way.

You would expect to leave a tip of around 10% if you were happy with your meal, or 15% if you had a particularly wonderful experience.

Make sure to check your bill before paying as the restaurant may have added a gratuity already to your bill.

This is sometimes marked as “Napojnica uračunata u cijenu”.

If you manage to spot that on the bill, then gratuity has been included.

Remember to have a tip prepared in cash, as it is not customary to add a tip via credit card.

Even in circumstances where they can accommodate this procedure, the tip is unlikely to go to your server, so be prepared in advance to make sure they are the recipients of your money.

Tipping in Hotels

This will vary from hotel to hotel.

The more sophisticated your hotel, the more likely you are to leave a tip since you will have services such as a bellboy or a daily maid cleaning your room.

It is common to tip 15 to 20 kunas for bellboys to carry your luggage to and from your room and for cleaning maids you can expect to leave the same amount per clean of your room.

Tipping Taxis

Taxi drivers in Croatia do not expect tips and they usually operate on a metre.

Locals tend to round up their fares to the most convenient amount, and it is normal for you to do the same if you want to.

If you had a particularly long or pleasant journey, then as a gesture of your gratitude, you could give up to a 10% tip should you wish.

Tipping Tour Guides

It is fairly customary to tip your Croatia tour guide even though you are under no obligation to do so.

A fair amount depends on the size and scale of the tour given, and the standard you felt they delivered it to.

20 kunas should be enough to cover any tour guide tips but travellers often give a lot more if they’ve had an exceptionally good guide for their excursion.

This is also the case if the tour was an expensive undertaking.

If you’ve spent 500 – 700 kunas on the tour, then expect to tip 50 or more kunas to your guide.

So… Do you tip in Croatia?

As you can see, Croatians are pretty laid back about tipping which makes it much easier on travellers when deciding how much to give.

It most circumstances, anything given will be appreciated.

If you feel that you are ready to head out to this beautiful country and experience its rich heritage and culture, then make sure to take a look at one of our Croatia tours today!

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