9 Reasons to Visit Zagreb

Though the coastal destinations are an absolute hit in Croatia, the capital city of Zagreb is definitely not to be missed. Read our reasons to visit Zagreb!

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Though the coastal destinations are an absolute hit in Croatia, especially during warm summer days, the Croatian capital is definitely not to be missed. Situated in the north-west of the country, by the river Sava, Zagreb is the largest city in Croatia, as well as one of the oldest settlements in this area. Why visit Zagreb? We’ll give you no less than 9 good reasons to do that…


1. Enjoy the view of Zagreb Square


Climb the Zagreb Eye and enjoy an ultimate view of the Ban Jelačić Square, the main Zagreb Square, named after a Croatian leader from the 19th century.


His statue dominates the square scenery and is a popular meeting point – friends, partners or colleagues often meet here.


Alternatively, if you wanna enjoy a drink and have a magnificent view over the Square, visit the cafe bar situated nearby, sit on the terrace and treat yourself!


2. Visit the popular Flower Square



Located in the very heart of Zagreb’s downtown, this Square is surrounded by many cafe bars, cake shops and restaurants. Shopping centre named after the Square is also situated here, just across the Orthodox Church. The Flower Square isn’t as big as the Ban Jelačić Square, but is more intimate and full of – as the name says – flowers!


3. Explore the historical Upper town




This part of the city is completely different from the bustling Downtown. It can be accessed by Funicular or by foot. This is where the first Medieval town was situated: visit the Lotrščak Tower, famous by its cannon which is traditionally fired every day at noon.


Continue towards St. Catherine’s Church and St. Mark’s Church, a remarkable piece of Gothic and Romanesque architecture, recognisable by its colourful roof. This is a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Finish it off by visiting the Zagreb Cathedral, one of the most beautiful in the region, and having lunch or dinner in one of the numerous restaurants nearby.


4. Don’t forget to say hi to Vincek




“Kod Vinceka”, meaning “At Vincek’s” is the most popular cake shops in Zagreb, and is colloquially called “Vincek“. So when the locals say they’re going to meet at Vincek’s, it definitely means they’ll be eating delicious cakes or ice cream.


One of Vincek’s cake shops is situated in Ilica street, the largest one in Zagreb, not far away from the Ban Jelačić Square. Bon Appetit!


5. Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships


Not because we want you to break up your current relationship, but because the idea is very original and popular. This museum in situated in the Upper town and is one of a kind. The exhibits in this museum are various items that reminded people of their last relationships, so they decided to get rid of them and donate them to the museum. One of them is – quite surprisingly – an axe!


6. Enjoy any type of Croatian and regional cuisine




With its many restaurants, Zagreb is a real culinary treat. Stroll the Tkalčićeva street, situated right next to the Ban Jelačić Square, and find a restaurant of your own choice.


We recommend Agava, with a nice terrace providing a stunning view over this picturesque street. Enjoy the best of Croatian food under a candle light in warm summer evenings!


7. Make a romantic escape in the Botanical Garden




Though situated in a very heart of Zagreb, this is a nice peaceful oasis. The garden is not too big but is very charming and intimate – whether travelling with your partner, friends or kids, it’s definitely worth visiting!


8. Visit the Zagreb Zoo




Built in the 18th century and named after the bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac, the park Maksimir is a home to the Zagreb Zoo. Walk around this large English style park, lay on the grass and relax or visit the Zoo and have a lot of fun. If you’re travelling with kids, this will be a special treat for them.


9. Go clubbing



If you’re looking for a proper night out, Zagreb is where you need to go. Its nightlife scene offers something for everyone – whether you feel like going to a salsa club or to the rock concert, you’ll find it here.


A lot of very popular clubs are situated by the Jarun lake or, more centrally, near the Jelačić square. Most of the clubs are open till 5 am so make sure you’re wearing something comfortable and enjoy!


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