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Top Vacation Destinations From Each Country In Europe [Infographic]

​We believe that travel is an essential part of every person’s life, something that cannot be replaced by any other experience. Different people travel for different reasons; some to soak up some sun on a sandy beach, some to shop for new clothes, others to explore new cultures or taste exotic food. The bottomline is, everybody travels, even if it’s just to visit friends or family in the neighbouring country.


We’ve created a map showing where Europeans like to spend their vacations the most (apart from their own country). Brits seem to enjoy their summers in Spain, Croats like skiing vacations in Austria and Scandinavians prefer warm countries such as Spain and Greece. Croatia receives a lot of visitors from its own neighbourhood; Hungarian, Slovenians Czech and Polish travellers prefer to relax on one of Croatia’s beaches in warm summer days.


Even though Spain pretty much dominates as the no.1 summer destination in Europe, Croatia is slowly catching up, welcoming more and more happy visitors every year! With countless brand new hotels opening all over the coast of Dalmatia and Croatia’s fine restaurants getting recognised by Michelin commission, this tiny country has established itself as one of Europe’s finest all-year-round destinations.


Have a look at our colorful map and let us know what you think in the comments!

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