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Top Vacation Destinations From Each Country In Europe [Infographic]

We believe that travel is an essential part of every person’s life, something that cannot be replaced by any other experience. Different people travel for different reasons; some to soak up some sun on a sandy beach, some to shop for new clothes, others to explore new cultures or taste exotic food. The bottom line...
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9 Interesting Facts About The Dubrovnik City Walls

Situated on the Adriatic Sea in the south of the country, Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s most popular holiday destinations. Its combination of warm weather, rich history, stunning sceneries and excellent food attracts thousands of tourists each month. In fact, the town has even had to begin plans on limiting that trade in order to...
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Why Do We Travel?

People say, once you’ve travelled somewhere, you never really come back. Instead, your curiosity takes you further, into new adventures and new places. Once you’ve travelled, your life turns into a journey of constant planning, looking where to go next and compromising your daily life for a short getaway somewhere new. People also say, travelling...
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