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Best Local Food in Croatia

Every region of Croatia has its own culinary tradition, making the country very diverse in regard to local food. This is because throughout history, the territory of contemporary Republic of Croatia had been divided between different Republics, Empires and Kingdoms. Among them were the mighty Venetian Republic, the formidable Ottoman Empire and the Habsburg Empire...
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Our Favourite Coffee Places In Zagreb

The Croatian coffee culture is probably one of the first things every tourist notices when coming to this small country. It seems like no one ever works, as the cafes are always full of people. A few years ago it was quite hard to get a coffee-to-go in Croatia, as we don’t usually walk while...
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5 Tasty Influences On Croatian Food

Croatian food is a result of its unique historical development. Traces of regional culinary influences can be seen (and tasted) in the modern Croatian kitchen, and they vary from region to region – for example, you’ll find significantly different food on the Croatian islands than in Slavonia. When in Dalmatia, don’t forget that fish always...
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