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Kravice Falls (Bosnia’s Plitvice Lakes)

Bosnia and Herzegovina may not be the first location that comes to mind when planning your next summer vacation, however, it is time to add this destination to your bucket list of summer must-do’s. Cascading crystal waters, dense green flora, lush walking paths and lake waters ideal for summer swimming; this is what awaits you...
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Are They Lying To You About the Bosnian Pyramids?

 You may not have heard of the Bosnian pyramids, but that hasn’t stopped over 400,000 visitors flocking to the site, near the capital city, Sarajevo, since their discovery in October 2005. Of course, we know that ancient cultures, at various times in history, have built pyramids structures, all over the globe – think of...
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Bosnia and Herzegovina [Infographic]

Bosnia and Herzegovina is perhaps one of the most interesting countries in Europe due to its multi-cultural nature and cultural diversity. Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to three different religions living in harmony. The country has its own tiny coastline centred around the town of Neum in the south of Dalmatia. Interested in visiting the...
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Visiting Rastoke and the Plitvice Lakes

Located on the Balkan Peninsula, Croatia is framed by many wonders, like the Adriatic, Ionian, Aegean, Black, and Mediterranean seas and Balkan Mountains. Because of this perfect positioning, Croatia is filled with natural beauty that astounds visitors at every turn. The sun lights the land differently in Croatia, especially around a place called Rastoke and...
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30 things to do in Sarajevo

TL;DR 1. Visit Bascarsija Square 2. Indulge in some Ćevapi 3. Have a few local beers 4. Enjoy a drink (or a few) at the world famous Zlatna Ribica 5. Learn to Drink Bosnian Coffee 6. Go see the Olympic bobsled 7. Visit the place where WWI began 8. Taste some rakija 9. Take a...
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Bosnia And Herzegovina Travel: What You Need To Know

Croatia shares a long borderline with the picturesque country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, often simply called BiH by its inhabitants and neighbours. Although still fairly undiscovered by foreign travellers, this beautiful country is definitely worth a visit. We’ve done some research and visited the country ourselves to give you tips about visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina...
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5 Things Not to Miss in Mostar

The historic city of Mostar is situated in the southeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina, not far away from the border with Croatia and the Adriatic coast. Set in a valley, Mostar is surrounded by mountains and centered around the emerald-green Neretva river. Because of its rich history and immense beauty, this city has been described...
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Things To Do & See In Sarajevo

Bosnia was once the most western region within the vast Ottoman Empire, Sarajevo being one of its centres. In fact, Ottomans were the ones who invested in this region and built Sarajevo and Mostar. Later on, Austria–Hungary came into possession of Bosnia and Herzegovina, leaving its architectural and cultural mark on this historic city. Thus,...
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