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January 2020

9 Most Famous Croatians

The mention of Croatia may bring to mind summer holidays and idyllic beaches, yet did you know the country is home to international sports, music and film stars as well as one of the world’s greatest inventors? Here we take a look at some of the most famous Croats to make international centre stage. Janica...
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9 Best Places In Northern Croatia

With unending coastlines, glorious beaches, enchanting history and magnificent inland parks, deciding where to tour in northern Croatia can be overwhelming. Here are our top 9 places to visit in northern Croatia. 1. Opatija Known as the oldest tourist destination in Croatia, Opatija was regarded a famous luxury villa retreat for the European elite in...
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Why You Should Visit St. Mark’s Church in Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, is home to one of the most instantly recognisable symbols of the country, St Mark’s Church. In the Upper Town centre lies the proud 13th-century church with its colourfully tiled roof. Portraying so much more than just sand and stone, St Mark’s Church is a ‘must visit’ when passing through the capital...
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Where Was Nikola Tesla Born (And Why it Might Surprise You)

If you use electricity, listen to the radio, or ever had an x-ray, you have Nikola Tesla to thank in some way for his great inventory genius. Along Croatia’s very own Walk of Fame on Opatija’s coastal promenade, Tesla has a marble star dedicated in his honour. The local Croatian spin-off of Hollywood’s Walk of...
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