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Napoleon in Croatia & the Fall of the Dubrovnik Republic

In 1794, a group of revolutionaries caused an incident in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. They erected and decorated a “Liberty Tree”, where a revolutionary poem was written. It was an appeal to Croatian people to support the ideas of the French revolution. “Why should the Croatians wage a war against the French”, asks the...
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5 of the Best Castles in Croatia

Throughout history, castles have always been an inspiration for numerous myths, legends and fairy tales. What’s a good fairy tale without a Prince Charming living in a big castle on a hill? If you want to learn something more about Croatian history, you should definitely visit its magnificent castles and hear some myths and legends...
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Trakošćan Castle – The Ultimate Legacy Of The Drašković Family

Croatia is full of things to do and see including many ancient and fascinating castles. Among all Croatian castles, Trakošćan is definitely the most impressive and most visited. Located in northern Croatia, not far away from Zagreb, this wonderful fairytale-like castle is a perfect destination for a one day trip. The castle museum is very...
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Was Marco Polo Born In Croatia?

Marco Polo, a famous Medieval traveller, merchant and writer, was one of the first Europeans to visit China and travel the Silk Road. He did not only travel to China, but he was an honourable guest in mighty Kublai Khan’s court, and had a rare opportunity to experience life in the vast Mongol Empire. Although...
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