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Why You Should Visit St. Mark’s Church in Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, is home to one of the most instantly recognisable symbols of the country, St Mark’s Church. In the Upper Town centre lies the proud 13th-century church with its colourfully tiled roof. Portraying so much more than just sand and stone, St Mark’s Church is a ‘must visit’ when passing through the capital...
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47 Things to Do in Zagreb

TL;DR Number 1: Sample the Food Number 2: Explore the City by Tram Number 3: Zagreb Cathedral Number 4: Shop at Dolac Market Number 5: Take a Walk around the City Number 6: Sample the Alcohol Number 7: Visit Jelacic Statue Number 8: Zagreb 360 Observation Deck Number 9: Tkalčićeva Street Number 10: Visit Statue...
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The Wonders Of Zagreb: A Fantastic Day In Croatian Capital

Zagreb is one of my favourite topics to write about. And one of my favourite places to visit. Even though I spent five years of my life in Zagreb, it seems one can never get tired of this tiny capital city. So here I go again – writing about Zagreb and its most beautiful sights,...
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9 Reasons To Visit Zagreb

Though the coastal destinations are an absolute hit in Croatia, especially during warm summer days, the Croatian capital is definitely not to be missed. Situated in the north-west of the country, by the river Sava, Zagreb is the largest city in Croatia, as well as one of the oldest settlements in this area. Why visit...
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