Why Do We Travel?

Do we travel out of boredom or curiosity? Discover what our Croatia travel experts think on the subject.

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People say, once you’ve travelled somewhere, you never really come back. Instead, your curiosity takes you further, into new adventures and new places. Once you’ve travelled, your life turns into a journey of constant planning, looking where to go next and compromising your daily life for a short getaway somewhere new.


People also say, travelling broadens your mind. Travellers generally know more about the world and are more tolerant towards other cultures and ideas. A popular quote by Saint Augustine says “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”


Yet there are so many people who do not travel. I myself come from the culture where travel happens only on short distances and if forced; like visiting your relatives because it would be polite to attend their wedding the next day or travelling to another city because you want to enrol the university.


So, if there are people who don’t regard travel a necessary part of their lives, what is it that urges the rest of us to travel? Why do I have a constant need to browse affordable plane tickets and hotels? Why do I keep on reading travel magazines and daydreaming about going somewhere new, maybe exploring the pyramids of Egypt or the Ancient temples of Greece?



Historically, human beings have always been explorers. Most of us like exploring new things and places, meeting new people or buying that new Zara dress because it’s a new model and I’d like to see if it would fit me well. Boredom is a terrible state we wish to escape and therefore seek sources of fun. For some of us it might be a new video game or a new dress; but for me, and probably for you, it is exploring new places.


Another reason I reckon humans love to travel is because we enjoy a good challenge. Living in a same small town, talking to the same, familiar neighbours and drinking that same espresso every morning at the neighbourhood café might sound nice but to me it is incredibly boring. I am addicted to challenge, and I like to be puzzled by things and situations, every day and in every way.


Yes, I could be challenged in a small town, surrounded by people I know. Maybe if I lost my job and had to find a new one, that would certainly be a challenge. But to me, nothing compares to going somewhere I’ve never been before and having to navigate the unfamiliar streets, using a foreign language I can barely speak. But I try anyway because it’s fun.


Ultimately, the whole travel experience is a series of fun events. Sure, sometimes things go wrong and then the trip is no longer fun. But then it turns into a challenge, a puzzle you must solve because you’re far away from home, only have a limited amount of money to spend and your family is expecting you to come home safe.


People search for fun and challenging situations everywhere; on social media, in their work place, in their partners and in their travels. Travelling is a form of fun you never grow out of; it is a hobby you love and cherish forever.


This is why I keep on visiting new places; this is also why I moved countries twice in the past 5 years; to face new challenges and to have lots of fun. Some of these challenges may be tough, like finding a job or scoring a good yet not too expensive place to live in London; but hey, it’s still a challenge! And to a nomad like me, this is more than enough to keep me “ticking”.


I understand your love for discovering new places and am more than happy to chat about your next Croatia tour or holiday! Check out our Croatia holidays here.


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