47 Things to do in Belgrade

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Belgrade is the “White City” of Serbia. Located on the confluence of the Sava and Danube Rivers it is the largest city and capital of Serbia. There are 1.7 million people living there. Here’s our list of 47 things to do in Belgrade. Enjoy!

Number 1 – Belgrade Fortress


View 2000 years of history in one place at Belgrade’s Fortress. Once the whole of Belgrade took refuge within it. Now the walls are easily penetrable by young lovers, history buffs and others.

Number 2 – Church of St Sava


This is the largest Orthodox Church in the Balkan region. Its white granite and marble walls are a splendour to marvel at.

Number 3 – Go Shopping


Knez Mihailova is the street where Belgradians spend their cash. Browse the local merchandise and buy some souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

Number 4 – Taste (a lot of) the Beer


If you like your beer then why not take a 3-hour Beer Tour of Belgrade to see what the Serbs are knocking back. Maybe you’ll find a new favourite.

Number 5 – Take an Underground Tour


So you’ve seen all there is to see at ground level, well do not fret! You can take a 2-hour underground tour and unravel the secrets of Belgrade’s caves, dungeons, and bunkers.

Number 6 – Red Belgrade


Calling all comrades for Red Belgrade’s Communist Tour.

Number 7 – Panoramic Minibus Tour


Take a panoramic tour around the city via minibus. Ask your tour guide any question that comes to mind!

Number 8 – Gardos Tower

A monument from Belgrade’s days in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Don’t miss it as its sometimes referred to as the Millennium Tower as it was built to commemorate 1,000 years of Hungarian settlement on the Pannonian Plain.

Number 9 – Nikola Tesla Museum


All things Nicola Tesla are on display in this tribute to the Serbian legend.

Number 10 – St. Marks Church

Next we take a trip to the Neo-Byzantine era for St. Marks Church completed in the 1930s

Number 11 – Princess Ljubica’s Palace

This beautiful structure dates from the 1830s through the Ottoman empire and into the present.

Number 12 – Avala Tower


This structure is the tallest in all of the Balkans. Reconstructed after the NATO bombing in 1999, its stood strong once again since 2010.

Number 13 – Zasavica Nature Reserve

Become one with nature and relax in Zasavica, a special nature reserve.

Number 14 – Sirmium Archaeological Site

Next we head to the Roman period. Explore Roman remains in Simium archaeological site.

Number 15 – Dinner and Folklore Night

Wash your great food down with a great folklore show to boot.

Number 16 – Belgrade Military Museum

Like a man in uniform? This is the place to go. You’ll see deactivated mines, German panzers and torpedoes.

Number 17 – Museum of Yugoslav History

This museum covers the history of the former Yugoslavia, particularly focusing on the controversial figure of President Josip Broz Tito.

Number 18 – National Theatre

See your choice of drama, opera, or ballet in a beautiful arena.

Number 19 – Museum of Aviation

Well situated next to the airport, Belgrade’s Museum of Aviation sits in a beautiful glass building. You can see Tiger Moth’s and even Spitfires.

Number 20 – St. Michael’s Cathedral

To continue feeding your neoclassical and religious cravings you should also check out St. Michael’s Cathedral. The structure survived repeated tearing downs by the Ottomans for you to be able to see it today.

Number 21 – Stari Dvor and Novi Dvor


Twin Old and New palaces built for two of Serbia’s royal families. These two face each other across Andricec Venac square.

Number 22 – House of the National Assembly of Serbia


You can visit the seat of Serbia’s national symbol, but only for a photo op.

Number 23 – The White Palace


You can organise a bus trip from the city hall to the white palace by informing the tourist board in advance.

Number 24 – Watch a Football Match


Visit the Rajko Mitic Stadium which is home to Red Star Belgrade. The derby against Partizan is one of the fiercest in the world! If you can brave it.

Number 25 – Witness Street Art

Keep an eye out for the brilliant urban street art on offer in this wonderful city.

Number 26 – Take a Walking Tour


You can take a 3-hour walking tour of Belgrade’s Old City to see sights such as Belgrade Castle, St. Michael’s Church and views across the Sava and Danube River.
Opt for the private tour for a more inclusive feel.

Number 27 – Enjoy a River Cruise


See the sights of Belgrade from the water on a cruise down the River Danube and River Sava.

Number 28 – Belgrade War Island Kayak Tour


Sticking with the water theme now: take a 3-hour kayaking tour of Great War Island. You’re joined by a guide to paddle around the forested wilderness.
This is a great choice for those who like birdwatching, with some great birdlife to witness.

Number 29 – Iron Gate Gorge

danube cruise light
Get a knowledgable guide to take you around Serbia’s Iron Gate Gorge including archaeological sits and local delicacies.

Number 30 – Drink Rakija


Rakija is the national drink of Serbia. It is a local brandy-type spirit that is found throughout the Balkans.
Its 60% alcohol content is not for the faint-hearted!

Number 31 – Enjoy the Nightlife!


Splavlovi is the nightclub heaven you seek where barges have been turned into bars moored to the banks of the Danube and Sava.

Number 32 – Museum of Contemporary Art


This museum focuses on a more modern art where you will see an array of paintings from the 20th Century.

Number 33 – Relax in Skadarlija


This bohemian area is filled with gaslights, restaurants, and beautiful greenery. The perfect place to chat over a coffee.

Number 34 – Ada Ciganlija


The island on the Sava has been transformed into a peninsula. Its the city’s own little nature escape where you can let your hair down.

Number 35 – Bike Belgrade


If you fancied a faster and energetic pace, then the biking tour would be more to your liking than the walking tour. Several companies offer this service.

Number 36 – Escape Games


If you wanted some bonding time with your friends and family then look no further than the sensation that is the escape room games. You and your team have a time limit to escape a puzzle.
You’ll learn more about each other in an hour here, than in a year on the outside! Good luck!

Number 37 – Belgrade Zoo


What better way to spend a day with the family than with our furry (or not so furry) friends!

Number 38 – Show me the Money!


If money is your thing you can visit the National Bank of Serbia’s Visitor Centre and pretend all that money is yours!

Number 39 – Museum of Illusions


Freak yourself out at the Museum of Illusions!

Number 40 – Hang out with the locals!


Have a drink, have a chat, don’t be afraid to ask for directions! Don’t be a stranger, the Belgradians won’t bite! You might make a friend for life.

Number 41 – Topcider Park


A lovely, quieter, pleasant park to spend the day in. Take a picnic and enjoy.

Number 42 – Saint Petka’s Chapel

A quainter religious venue to visit for some peace of mind.

Number 43 – Bajrakli Dzamija


Some Muslim culture for you next with this beautiful Mosque.

Number 44 – Public Aquarium and Topicarium


If you have an affinity for things that swim then Belgrade’s Aquarium has got you covered. Pair it with the zoo for an animal-filled day.

Number 45 – Enjoy a coffee

bosnian coffee
Did you know that Belgrade was home to Europe’s first Kafana (coffee shop)? Belgrade’s coffee is from Turkish origins and you should make sure to get a cup before you leave.

Number 46 – See the Real Belgrade


You can book an alternative tour of Belgrade which offers to show you the city from a real Belgradian’s perspective.

Number 47 – The Railway Museum


If you fancy yourself a trainspotter then visit the Railway Museum.
Located within the transportation building is a small museum dedicated to the railway of Serbia and the history of Yugoslav railways.


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